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January 2013
Realms Rules??? Fri, 15 February 2013 23:39
My wife just got me realms. I have underground and would consider myself pretty proficient at the rules, but I'm lost with quite a few things with realms. I think I understand the numbers under the letters on the different scenario maps. Is it the number of players, so that if only two were playing you would only put down the tiles with two under the letter? And that would also mean the item in the bottom right of the maps would be used accordingly? Are the letters just to assist in setup? River Boarder Markers? Do they set the boundaries of the bodies of water and all other tile boundaries get dismissed? If I could get these things explained I think I can handle the rest.

Just a side note; I don’t like feeling stupid and would therefore request an addendum to the rules to include better explanations of these issues.
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September 2012
Re:Realms Rules??? Sun, 17 February 2013 21:22
I think the answer to all your questions is Yes Smile
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