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New races and powers Sat, 16 February 2013 12:21
Hello, here's a list of races and powers I imagined, but unfortunately, I couldn't find someone to try them all yet. I hope you'll enjoy them Wink

Races :

Ents (3) : the forests occupied by the Ents are immune to direct attacks (though they are still vulnerable to the Sorcerers' ability). That ability remains even in decline.

Vampires (6, max 18) : by night (even numbered turns), each region held by an active race that you conquer gives you an extra token (even the Elves). By day (uneven numbered turns), you lose one vampire per conquest.

Sirens (6) : when an enemy race invades a coastal region (next to a sea or the lake) occupied by at least one active Siren, this enemy loses one token (doesn't count for the Elves). If the ennemi holds a race and/or a power that enables him/her to conquer this coastal region with one single token, he/she'll have to use a second token if he/she wants to end his/her turn holding it.

Gorgons (4) : each time you conquer a region from an active race, instead of discarding it, you keep the enemy token (not the Elves) which becomes a statue that increases your defense by one (you can't lose them and they stay in decline).

Poltergeists (5) : all the regions you conquer where there is one or more buildings (even a house or a cavern, drawn on the board) causes the death of one extra warrior (one for the Elves, three for the Mimis) and the destruction of the building if it is a token.

Will-o'the-wisps (6) : each region you conquer where a race in decline or a Lost Tribe is found is worth one bonus victory point.

Witches (7) : redeploy the extra tokens from your conquested regions between each enemy conquest.

Ghosts (5) : from the moment Ghosts go into decline, their defense increase by one each turn.

Sphinxes (6) : the player that wants to invade you tosses the die. If he gets a blank side, he loses a token and cannot invade you. If he doesn't, you lose one token that is discarded right before the first enemy conquest.

Lilliputians (11) : you need one extra token to conquer a region.

Cyclopes (5) : nobody can conquer an empty region that is adjacent to one of yours.

Angels (5) : while redeploying, you can place up to three angels, each in one adjacent enemy region. When it's the concerned player's turn, he/she can neither move the tokens from within to attack, nor redeploy tokens in it, and nobody can conquer it.

Demons (5) : the token that normally is discarded when you conquer one active race's region is kept in it as a Hell hostage. If the concerned player wants it back, he/she has to conquer this region again with an additional token. If a third player conquers this region, it is lost (the Elves go back to their player). If your Demons abandon a region with a Hell hostage in it, it is given back. If the concerned race goes into decline, you keep it till you go into decline yourself.

Centaurs (5, 16 max) : get three extra Centaur tokens for each pair of conquested forests.

Lutins (4) : when you redeploy after your first turn, you can place one Lutin per player in one of his/her regions that is adjacent to yours. If this player doesn't attack you, you get one victory point for the House Lutin that is linked to him. If he/she does attack you, he/she has to remove one of his/her tokens from this region, and the House Lutin is redeployed (you cannot turn a Lutin into a House Lutin in one of this player's regions anymore). If he/she abandons the region or the region is conquered before his/her turn, simply redeploy it (or leave it in the conquested region itself if rules enable that ; that means that if this region was conquered with a Dragon, for instance, you must leave).

Grim Reapers (5) : get one victory point for every other players' loss if you're not the one who provoked it, two if you are, and lose one for every Grim Reaper you lose.

ETs (6) : Choose three combinations among the six available (except the cursed race), take all the victory points that are on them and replace them under the piles. While ETs are still active, the other player(s) can only choose between three combinations.

Robots (5, 15 max) : for each pair of Robot tokens you don't use for attack (place them on the edge before any attack), get an extra token. You can redeploy them all after your turn.

Minotaurs (5) : you get two Labyrinth tokens, which you place on two of your regions after your first turn. The amount of tokens that are necessary to conquer them is two (region) + one (Labyrinth token) + number of minotaurs in this Labyrinth + number of minotaurs in the other Labyrinth + the possible defense from a mountain or so. If one of them is lost, you can reconquer it without minding the Labyrinth tokens. They disappear after declining.

Acromantulas (2) : an enemy race needs one extra token to conquer an active or in-decline Acromantula region, and is immediatly lost (not the Elves).

Snowmen (7) : you can conquer a Mountain with one less token than necessary. At least one token is still required.

Shamans (5) : a player needs two extra tokens to invade a region you occupy where there used to survive a Lost Tribe.

Seers (5) : once per turn, you choose one player, to who you "predict" the fact that he/she won't attack in two regions of your choice (it can be yours, or not yours as well).

Mimis (10) : you lose one extra token per region taken from you, if ever there were at least two of them.

Bucentaurs (5) : each time you lose a Bucentaur, keep it on the edge of the board. Next turn, you can invade as many regions as Bucentaurs you have just lost with one less token.

Draugar (7) : when you go into decline, redeploy all the Draugar you lost until that moment.

Aegipans (4) : when it's your turn, you can decide not to attack ; in that case, you earn one bonus victory point for every region you occupy.

Succubi (5) : each even numbered turn, a player that attacked you before cannot use the amount of Succubi that you lost because of him/her until now for his/her attacks, while you're still active.

Hrosshvelis (5) : all coastal regions can be conquered with one single race token (including the ones near the Lake, which you can cross), but you lose one Hrosshveli when you do so after this conquest.

Knockers (6) : if a player kicks you out of a Mine region, you don't lose a Knocker and the player loses the victory point from this region to your benefit (but not the possible bonus(es)).

Banshees (3, max 18) : each time someone conquers one of your regions, you earn a Banshee token rather than loosing one. But careful, it won't happen if one of your Banshees is changed into a sorcerer...

Aitvaras (6) : they become a spark when they die. If a player conquers one of your regions when you're in decline, he/she'll have to redeploy all his/her race tokens from this region.

Alicantos (5, max 15) : they are legendary birds that feed on gold and silver. Earn one Alicanto per Mine region you occupy at the end of your turn and redeploy it.

Djinns (5) : before redeployment, choose a type of region. You earn one bonus victory point per region of this kind you occupy, but you can no longer choose it for all your next turns.

Duergars (4) : a mountain region occupied by at least one Duergar becomes impregnable and immune, even in decline.

Huldras (5) : the regions adjacent to the Huldras' can only be occupied by one race token when they don't attack, whether they're active or in decline (so it also counts for your in-decline race, Ghouls, and Draugars ; Kobolds have to leave since they can't be less than two per region, and the Barbarians that have to leave may not be redeployed). Defense tokens, however, may be redeployed there.

Geniuses (5) : after redeployment, toss the die. The number you get is the number of regions (you choose them) that become impregnable and immune until your next turn.

Peuchens (5) : before each of your turns, you can copy the ability of one of the races that haven't been chosen yet (even when you go into decline).

Monopodes (5) : they can't make a player lose race tokens ; however, when they conquer a region, the tokens that have been thrown out can neither be redeployed, nor used for the player's next attacks.

Yetis (6) : each mountain you occupy is worth one bonus victory point.

Powers :

Telepathic (5) : once per turn and per player, dispatch the way you please the active tokens from one region of an active race in his/her other region(s) whenever you want. If there isn't any, or if you don't want to you simply may and always can swap regions. You only have to make sure you empty the region.

Envoy (4) : take a victory point for each of your tokens that isn't on the board after each of your turns as an active race (not counting the ones from the stash), the limit being 14 - X where X is the amount of tokens that the race grants on its own (so the Pixies can only get 14 - 11 = 3 victory points ; that means there are tokens that you might decide not to redeploy, or that are forced to be put aside).

Moribund (1) : earn as many victory points as the number of players per turn you are still active, to which you add one.

Gambling (5) : earn three victory points per turn for each lucky die toss, one if you don't need it, and lose one if you fail your last conquest with the die.

Charismatic (5) : Take one race token from another player (if no race has been chosen yet, choose a race among the six that can be chosen, except the cursed race ; the player who chooses it will get one less token) and play with it as though it is an extra race token. Going into decline doesn't enable this player to get the token back.

Radioactive (5) : you get an Uranium Mine token ; place it on one of your regions, which becomes impregnable, after your first turn. This region and those adjacent to it are emptied of all the active and declining races tokens that are not radioactive (including your race(s) in decline, if any) just before it's your turn. The active races tokens can be redeployed, though. And this doesn't work on a region where there is a Dragon or similar.

Myopic (4) : if you conquer a region with one more token than necessary, you can remove an active race's token that is adjacent to the region you attack from AND the region you're conquering.

Knowledgeable (4) : Each region with at least four race tokens in it cannot be conquered. You can redeploy Knowledgeable Pixies only for that purpose.

Camouflaged (3) : turn one token per region upside-down in the regions you wish to be camouflaged and where there is at least two race tokens. Those regions cannot be conquered, but those tokens cannot be used for your next turn (they can be redeployed though).

Will (5) : place one of your tokens on the combination you want as a next race, preventing the others from choosing it. You won't have to pay anything after your Will race goes into decline (if you would have had to with another power) but placing the token has to be done before your first turn.

Kind (4) : your Kind race and the other active races don't attack each other. Ghouls will simply ignore that when in decline, of course.

Clement (5) : get one victory point for the active race tokens that you decide to spare when conquering. It works on Elves automatically. You can spare only one Mimi.

Hawker (3) : you get two Stuff tokens. Sell Stuff to the players' active races which region you conquer for one victory point per region. For his/her next turns, he/she'll have to leave on the edge as many race tokens as the amount of Stuff tokens he/she's got to attack (to redeploy them afterwards).

Barricaded (5) : after redeployment, take as many one vicory point tokens as you want from your own stash and place them on the borders between your regions and the others active races' regions (but neither on the edges of the board, nor between two of your own regions, and one point per border). They will need two extra tokens to get through your barricades ; however, if they do so, they get the victory point, destroying the barricade. All the victory points that are still on the board when you go into decline are lost. Leprechauns cannot use the Pots of Gold that haven't been turned into a victory point.

Lonely (5) : collect one extra victory point for every isolated region you occupy.

Parasite (3) : when going into decline, take all the tokens that you have to remove from the board. You can use them as defense tokens for your next race, but not to attack. You can choose whether Ghouls are parasites or not, and how many of them.

Insidous (4) : once per turn and per player, you can exchange an active enemy race token for one of your victory points (provided that there is at least two of them and the region is adjacent to yours). You cannot conquer this region until the end of your turn. The victory point is taken by the concerned player afterwards.

Ring (5) : you get a Ring token. Once per turn, take one of your race tokens, it is the Ring Carrier. Place both everywhere you want on the board. This region cannot be conquered by the other players, if any, thanks to the ring's malevolent aura. If the concerned player does not leave after redeployment, your next turn begins with this region being emptied of all the tokens that were on it. It becomes yours and impregnable.

Mutant (3) : once per turn, you can copy the ability of one of the special powers that haven't been chosen yet.

Vulture (2) : when an enemy goes into decline, if he/she holds a special power that has to be discarded, you get that special power, until you go into decline yourself. No further race tokens are granted, however. No pair or more of powers sets a problem of compatibility (I checkd it !), but one or two may be a source of conflict - in that case, you choose each time the best for you.

Wrecker (5) : if a player kicks you out of a region your Wrecker race was holding, first let the token you have to discard on it. When this player counts his/her victory points, the regions where those tokens are found aren't worth anything (they count for powers such as Imperial, however). Then dispose of them at last.

Prophet (2) : get the Church token. After your first turn of conquest, place it wherever you want in one of your region. From now on, it's impregnable and whoever gets near the Church (in other words, if the regions adjacent to the Church are occupied) will lose one race token at the end of each of his/her turn, that is placed on the Church and is worth one victory point for you. The Church stays in decline and acts the same (a Prophet race is stubborn, whether it's in decline or not !).

Resourceful (5) : you can toss the die three times for your last conquest, and attack with the sum of the results.

United (4) : for every conquest, take one victory point for each region you attack with one more token than the required amount.

Voodoo (3) : each region you conquer where there is a Lost Tribe pictogram gives you one Lost Tribe Token that you can use next turn, and only next turn, for attack (you lose it immediatly).

Circean (5) : you can choose, after redeployment, a player who shares at least one border with you. Next turn, that player can only invade your regions, and when he/she does so, you earn one victory point per region you lose. The spell vanishes when, during conquest, the player has no longer a single border in common with you.

Titanic (4) : the defense of all your regions increase by one.

Moskstraumen (5) : when in decline, choose a sea on which you can place one token per turn. You earn the victory points from the ground regions you occupy but also one per token on that sea.

Basilisk (5) : once per turn, you can invade the region you want normally but making all the tokens in it being lost.

Midas' (4) : you earn one victory point for every region you lose.

Mang (1) : the dragon Mang enables you to stop time. Before the turn counter is moved to the next number, take your tokens and make a turn of conquest, without minding the race tokens, the defenses (except for the mountains), the special powers and abilities (even the ones that make regions impregnable... the concerned race can't defend itself !), without making the other players lose a single token. hen you're finished, count your points and redeploy all your tokens, with the condition that you can stay only in a previously empty region (all the tokens from the regions where there is already a race or a Lost Tribe must leave). Then, time works back normally. You can also use this turn to go into decline.

Odyssean (5) : earn one victory point for every new kind of region you occupied compared to the kinds of the ones you were holding just before this turn.

Brisk (5) : the races that grant 4 or less tokens on their own can only be invaded at the rythm of one region per player and per turn. From 5 to 7, it's two regions and 8 or above, it's three.

Collector (4) : earn one victory point for every race (active or in decline) you invaded this turn.

Blessed (5) : during an enemy's turn of conquest, the defense of your regions increase by one every time he/she invades you.

Achillean (5) : all you regions are impregnable, except the most Southern one. If a player invades this region, he/she can conquer your other regions with one less token than necessary.

Cimmerian (5) : a player can conquer you with only half of the tokens he has in his/her hand (though the rest can be used against other races), rounded up.

Magic (5) : the regions adjacent to a magic region you hold can be conquered with one less token than necessary.

Stubborn (3) : each region of the Stubborn race in decline is worth one additionnal victory point.

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Re:New races and powers Sun, 17 February 2013 15:08
Looks great.
Now, let's find someone to draw and print these.
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Re:New races and powers Sun, 17 February 2013 16:12
Really ? I thought this kind of initiative was very rare... ^^ Thanks anyway.
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