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May 2013
Teams and multiple maps Fri, 07 June 2013 13:26
A few of my friends and I started playing SW as a good downtime thing while on deployment a few weeks back. However, we are starting to gather more and more people. So I am trying to come up with some variations on game play. We have the standard SW with cursed, ladies, and BNA. I was thinking of either doing two maps or teams.
Thoughts on the 2 maps. put the 4 and 2 (or any combination up to 8 people) and treat them as one continuous map, so the borders do not apply to the map parts that touch. Otherwise treat the same
I'm kinda lost on the best way to do teams, do you treat it as permanent diplomacy between two players, or does anyone have any other rule variations in mind.
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March 2012
Re:Teams and multiple maps Fri, 14 June 2013 19:19
The same thing happened to my friends and I when we started playing. We created larger boards by sticking the two together as a single board as well, one even going up to 8 people. The game works fine this way, it just takes longer than normal to get through everyone. I know you should probably reduce the number of turns as well. Following the pattern established by official rules (2:10, 3:10, 4:9, 5:8, 6:8), I'd say that 7 players would use 7 turns while 8 players would have only 6.
Honestly, combining multiple boards into a single map was a lot easier (and cleaner) after we got Underground and Tunnels. Of course, nowadays most of our games use the Realms Tiles.
We've never tried doing official teams. Most games dissolve into unofficial alliances anyways, so there never seemed to be a reason to implement them from the beginning.
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