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July 2013
Burning Gremlins, Wurm Farming Molemen, Ethereal Rock Golems and a Dirigible. Mon, 22 July 2013 17:30
Here are some ideas I have for Powers and Races for Smallworld.
Can also work for Underground.


Burning(5)- Ignore 2 enemy Race tokens when conquering a region.
During the redeployment phase remove one of your Burning Race tokens from the board. If it is your last Race token, discard your Race banner and choose a new Race and Power on your next turn.
Burning does not effect your Race while in Decline.

Wurm Farmer(4) - During your redeployment phase place a Wurm Token in each Farm or Swamp region you occupy.
Wurms grant a +1 defence to the region they occupy. The third Wurm you place is a Great Wurm which adds +2 defence to the region it occupies. (5 Wurms in total)
When a region with a Wurm is conquered you lose the Wurm permanently. All Wurms are removed when entering Decline.

Ethereal(5) - 2 Race tokens are required to hold a region. When conquering regions ignore static defences such as Fortresses, Troll Lairs, Mountains, etc.

Dirigible (4) - Gain the Dirigible Token which starts over any region you occupy on your redeployment phase.
The Dirigible counts as a region and gains 1 Victory point a turn.
It must always be occupied by at least 1 Race token.
It can only be conquered by a Race that has the Flying power. (If conquered the Dirigible is removed from the game.)
On every Player's turn you can move the Dirigible to an adjacent region. During your turn you can conquer the region below the Dirigible as if it were a regular adjacent region.
The Dirigible is lost when going into Decline.


Mole Men (6/11) - Can attack regions one region away as if they were adjacent regions.

(5/10) - Place the Infernal Contraption in any region you occupy during your first redeployment phase. The IC counts as 1 Race token for purposes of defending the region.
Once per conquering phase you call a region that the IC will attempt to conquer. Roll 2 pip dies and add the totals together use this number towards your total to conquer the region. If successful the IC moves into this region.
The IC cannot be moved during the redeployment phase unless it did not attack this turn.
If the region containing the IC is lost the IC is removed from the board.
When going into Decline the IC can be moved to any region the Gremlins occupy and remains in this region until it is lost or the Gremlins are removed.

Rock Golems
(3/8) - Each Rock Golem counts as 2 Race Tokens for the purpose of conquering and defending regions. (And is thus immune to Sorcerer's racial power)
Still lose a Rock Golem when you lose an occupied region.
Rock Golems conquer Mountain regions at one less race token. A minimum of one is still required. Rock Golems also gain 1 extra victory point for every Mountain region they control, even in Decline.

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