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Forum » Small World - Digital » Any point in reporting bugs in SW1?
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July 2013
Any point in reporting bugs in SW1? Mon, 22 July 2013 21:25
Now that SW2 is on the way, is there any point to continuing to report bugs in SW1? Not sure if you were starting from scratch with the code or not.

In particular, I had a game where I had Underground Halflings. I conquered a cave region, then used my Underground power to conquer another cave region. It was a cunning strategy, but unfortunately the game didn't recognize that it should put down a second Hole. So I spent the rest of the game with only one Hole.

Even with the bugs, I love this game and am SO pumped for SW2. I wish I had gotten into the game back when the KS was still going. I will likely buy it again for my desktop and maybe even my android tablet if it's supported.

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July 2007
Re:Any point in reporting bugs in SW1? Tue, 23 July 2013 07:24
It probably doesn't make much sense to report any bugs in Small World because the SW2 game will likely fix the bugs we discover (or discovered). Once the new version comes out (as a free download! How cool is that?) it would make more sense to report bugs.
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