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September 2013
meetings in cells Wed, 11 September 2013 13:32
Hello, Very Happy

I have some doubts?

There is a cell, a monk enters (it is not his cell) and afterwards another one comes to this same cell (not his cell either). Shall the last monk ask a question to the monk who is already in the cell or not?
Is this movement not right?

We go to church after 4 rounds but we have the feeling this allows us to make very little movements, we don't have movements enough to interactuate. Are we playing wrong?

Thank you/Gracias

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Sgt Storm
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December 2006
Re:meetings in cells Tue, 17 September 2013 19:42
"There may only be one at a time in each cell" but rules also state "Beware: the owner of a cell may enter it even if there is already another pawn in it".

So, the situation you have described, where two pawns of different players that are both not the owner are in the cell. This can't happen. The second (non owning) player cannot enter the cell until the first leaves.

As for visiting the chapel for mass every 4 turns. That is how the game is played. This means you can usually do only 1 or 2 things between masses, such as visit the Parlor and then the Sciptorium, before you have to return to the Chapel for mass. Having Crypt cards or certain Scriptorium cards can give you the ability to cover more ground in a turn.
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September 2013
Re:meetings in cells Wed, 18 September 2013 13:22
Thank you soooooo much!!!!
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