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January 2012
  SW2 multiplayer needs to be fixed Sat, 14 September 2013 11:48
Please consider these:

- Add a lobby where to look for games (for example like in Texas Holdem, Geaxgame Poker)
- why not add the ability to spectate games too?
- option to skip or speed up animations
- better yet FIX THE MULTIPLAYER MULTIGAMES SWITCH so that animations won't start from the beginning all over again when switching between games. It really destroys the idea of playing several games at one time
- option to refuse from a game someone has invited you
- chat in the victory screen

I liked the game and it sort of works too, but the at this moment multiplayer is still awkward.


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ps. Facebook invites don't work
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May 2011
Re:SW2 multiplayer needs to be fixed Sat, 14 September 2013 13:26
A lobby would be very helpful.

At the moment it's very hard to get a game with more than 2 people. - as the only way to be sure of getting a large game is sit there watching the bunny, which most people cant be bothered to do.

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December 2010
Re:SW2 multiplayer needs to be fixed Thu, 19 September 2013 05:37
+1 for lobby
+1 for speeding up/skipping animations
+1 for chat in victory screen (can you even imagine this in a face to face game? It's insane, that's the time when you really talk about, analyze and savor victory.)
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June 2010
Re:SW2 multiplayer needs to be fixed Thu, 26 September 2013 10:14
This is exactly what I've been saying throughout these forums.

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