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Playing Op Market garden with a twist to begin. Fri, 27 September 2013 19:02
I have played Operation Market Garden overlord a few times with friends (is one of my favourite overlords). I am looking at doing this again but before playing the overlord I’m looking at running 3 standard scenario, Arnhem Bridge, Nijmegen Bridges and Valkenswaard. Now I’m looking at doing it with 6 people and so the 2 people playing the Arnhem Bridge scenario will play that section in the overlord (allied left / German right) and like wise with the other ones. The object of the 3 standard scenarios is to earn points for your side to spend on things during the set up of the overlord.

I have only started thinking about this so I wanted to post it to see if anyone has done something similar, or if anyone has some ideas as well.

So there will be things to spend points on, points are earned by adding up all the medals earned during the 3 scenarios.
So each thing will be worth a certain amount of points. Things such as:

Using the urban combat card deck for your side
Buying SWA’s for units such as AT and MG tokens

And also by completing certain secondary objective will grant some bonuses, for example.

In Arnhem bridge if the Germans get an elite tank unit across Arnhem bridge and isn’t eliminated, then in the overlord scenario the Germans can start the Tiger tank on an adjacent road hex.

In Nijmegen Bridges for every 82nd unit (US) that make it across the river and isn’t eliminated, then the Allies in overlord can start a unit equipped with rafts in the river to their left (still working details out for this)

Anyway these are just a few things I have thought of at the moment, I just would like to get an idea if other have done this sort of thing or if anyone has ideas.
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