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April 2013
A Peculiar Problem with the Portal Power Wed, 09 October 2013 13:54
Hello all

I am creating a custom Power, Portal, and I have some trouble.

Here is the current version:

Portal (4): Once per turn, use a portal to make a conquest anywhere. If the closest portal is at least 2-5 regions away (depending on the map size), gain 2 VP. Portals are never lost to a conquest. After decline, the portals stay until the end of the game. All regions containing a portal are deemed adjacent one to another.

The original idea is having a screwy adjacency after the race disappears, so three portals scattered across the map (not in a close bunch, really scattered) that would create adjacencies... basically an "underworld" for everyone, barring the -1.

Now, the power gets 3 tokens with 2 sides, the active side and declined side, so players know when it's ok to leave the token there and "cross to the other side".

How to incite the Portal player to scatter the tokens? I guessed paying if the tokens are a certain distance. How to define scattered? Looking at the map sizes, a 2 player map is not bad with portals 2 regions away (3 would be better), a 5 player map ... you see where I'm going.

So I thought giving 2 VP. It's a bit "dull" though as it is not really thematic. I want to create variety, so giving -1 or -2 to conquer would make it too much like "underworld", or "Catapult".

Maybe give a defense? Local immortality (when you're besides or in a portal region, all tokens can easily escape)?

Any ideas?

Thank you very much for your time!!!
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