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April 2013
Android doesn't remember login Sun, 20 October 2013 11:52
I've just noticed that the Android version of TtR doesn't stay logged in to my DoW account - each time I start the app and go to the Settings screen, it shows that I am logged out (although when I tap login, it seems to log me in correctly to the right account).

I expected it to be more like Small World 2 on the iPad, which remembers my details.

I'm wondering if this is why the 1910 map isn't showing up from the Humble Bundle? I've unlocked it via Steam and it appears there, and it shows on the DoW HB unlock page, but not in the Android version. Or do I need specifically to install the HB APK file, as opposed to the one I already had from the Play Store? (I bought the HB mainly for the Steam stuff; I had TtR for Andoid already.)
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