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  [PC / Steam] User interface changes after update Tue, 22 October 2013 02:46
So the big update recently changed the game; some improvements, some things that my friends and I really don't like.

1) I like being able to see what each player's last turn was. Handy when things move quickly during a game and I may be distracted.

2) The larger font numbers are nice for clarity, especially when running the game at a lower resolution.

1) The new turn indication SUCKS. It's really really bad. The little subtle size changes are unclear; and having to scan all the other players status to see if it's your turn is horrible. I thought the old slowly glowing color behind the Avatar was a little too subtle, but got used to it. This new situation with no indication (other than a minor change in your card size) is really hard to catch. It should be instantly clear at a glance when it's your turn.

2) Player names in multiplayer not visible under the game is started is lame when you're setting up a game with friends. And in a public game you don't even know who to address in the in-game chat window.

3) A minor one: The enlarged opponent status block (on their turn) isn't properly hidden by the upper bar during score count at the end of the game.

4) Another minor bug: The "Observable by" setting when creating an online game doesn't appear to be working.

And while I'm airing gripes: This one isn't new, but it'd be really nice to be able to scroll back in the chat & status windows in the game.

- Mikko
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July 2011
Re:[PC / Steam] User interface changes after update Thu, 24 October 2013 09:30
I'd like to add that there is a problem with the games list and the players list on the menu screen.

If you click on a lower listing of either list, the one you're clicking on doesn't get high-lighted, but another one higher up the list does (ie: you click on the 10th game in the list and the 7th gets high-lighted). This only happens when you run the game in full-screen mode (which I of course always do), not in a minimized window.

This issue appeared after the update last week.

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