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  Ticket to Ride iPad Halloween Special On Sale for $2.99/¤2.69 Wed, 30 October 2013 13:06
What's worse than a Ship of Fools... a Train of Ghouls! Get ready for a hauntingly fun train ride with a special Ticket to Ride Halloween Treat for iPad owners. We're lowering the price on Ticket to Ride for iPad for Halloween to just $2.99 in the US and ¤2.69 in Europe. Normally $6.99/¤5.99, in seconds you can be playing the most highly regarded boardgame on the iPad for nearly 60% off the regular price!

They're Baaaack...

We're not stopping there. Just like zombies, the Ghost Catcher and Pumpkin Master Halloween Achievements in Ticket to Ride for iPad have returned from the dead - giving those of you who weren't able to capture them last time another shot at it. For a short time only, you'll be treated to the special haunted train station and you can once again attempt to earn the two Halloween Achievements in Ticket to Ride for iPad.


Don't wait, the season is upon us and it's time to pick up your Ticket to Ride for iPad Halloween Treat - now on-sale for only $2.99/¤2.69 just for the Halloween season.

The Halloween version and the limited-time discount is now available. You can update or purchase Ticket to Ride for iPad now by visiting the App Store.
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