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Any alternatives to left-click/drag n drop destination tickets? Wed, 04 December 2013 04:04
Howdy all Smile

We are using Steam Big Picture for our PC which is now in the family room as a console.

Since ToR does not have controller support (and other games), we bought a mini wireless keyboard and mouse. LIke this:

Imagine trying to drag and drop with it.

The touchpad and left mouse button on this little device requires the same thumb to use. I tried looking through options to get around a drag n drop alternative to claiming routes in ToR with no luck.

So my question is:

Is there a way to click on your train cards and click on a route, rather than Drag & Drop train cards TO The route?

I would use JoyToKey/Xpadder to bind my controller, but you can't have that and Steam Big Picture use the controller as it gets wonky.

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