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T-ELO Re-Introduction:2P USA Rankings Mon, 23 December 2013 10:34
T-ELO = Tournament ELO

TELO was created as an alternative to DoW's ELO ratings.

The main purpose of TELO is to identify how well each player has done in tournaments, and thus determine the best Tournament Player(s).

It takes into account all the main tournaments since 2006.

For the 2 Player USA Map, TELO is calculated the exact same way DoW's ELO is calculated, except that you only gain points by winning matches, not individual games.

Some tournaments count more towards TELO than others. Each event is given a "k-factor" based on how important it is.

DoW uses a k-factor of 8 for all games, which means the most points you could win or lose is 8, and if you play someone with the same rating you will win/lose half the k-factor, or 4 points.

For TELO the current k-factors are**:
30 = Nation's Cup
30 = SPWC
24 = League
24 = Fusion
24 = Champion's League

As new tournaments are created, a k-factor will be assigned to them.

Only players who have played in a tournament in the last 2 years will be listed (you will always retain your TELO score, it just won't be shown until you play in a tournament again)

The current ratings for 2P USA are <<HERE>>

For Seeding in Tournaments like the upcoming USA League, your TELO rating/ranking might be different than the one posted above because you have not played enough matches for your TELO score to be stable. In these cases, the TD of the tournament will determine any modification to your TELO score before seeding you in the tournament.

For more information on the ELO ranking system go <<HERE>>

Below is additional information for those players who play in tournaments other than 2P USA.

There will be a separate TELO list for each variant, including 2P Europe, Asia, Swiss, AAT, as well as Multi USA and Europe. If any new variant is well represented, a new TELO list will be added (perhaps Multi Asia, or FUN, etc.). HOWEVER, since most variants do not have the same participation levels as 2P USA events, there is not enough data to get a meaningful rating based on Match wins. So instead, games won/lost will be used until there is enough matches in the system, then it will switch. To distiguish the two, one will be called Match TELO, the other Game TELO. For now only 2P USA is Match TELO, everything else uses Game TELO. For multi events, Game TELO will always be used since there are no "matches" to win, only games.

The k-factors for Game TELO will be 1/3 of those for Match TELO.**
8 = Fusion, USA/Euro League, CL

**[Sysyphus, Qorlas, and myself ran various simulations using different k-factors for the events, and all the results came out very similar, so I am using values that make the most sense going forward leaving room for future tournaments to have higher and/or lower k-factors]

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2-player USA Tournament Rankings Mon, 30 December 2013 00:19
Thanks Drake for the quality work.

As a TD for SPWC, EMC, AMC, SMC, I plan to use TELO to make the seedings.
TELO seeding method and list of players will be published when registration opens.

Still to be discussed with Miguel in due time if he wants to be co-TD again but main ideas are :
Matches TELO will be used for SPWC map, Games TELO for Asia and Swiss. I'll need to have a closer look for Europe in due time.
There will probably be some adjustments (i.e : provisional ranking) to seed new players or players with a non-representative TELO due to the lack of Data.

Playing US League will then :
  • Help you improve your seeding for SPWC
  • Help you get some significant data in, and therefore get a TELO ranking more representative of your level.

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