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December 2013
Help! Longest route question Sun, 29 December 2013 04:54

we just got the Europe edition for Christmas.
We are loving it but! do you score the longest route? does a station negate your being able to count that route for the longest continuous route?
There seems to be lots of discussion on the different boards. if I had to use a station to complete a route for one of my tickets but it is say...40 cars long and is the longest continuous route in the game does the station I had to use mean its not included as a candidate because I have one station on it? I probably haven't explained it well enough.
We have had lots of discussion and rereading the rules and they are not clear to us.
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May 2012
Re:Help! Longest route question Sun, 29 December 2013 05:49
Longest route is your longest chain of continuous trains. If you use a station to bypass a route, it allows you to score a ticket but does NOT count towards your longest route. Longest route only counts YOUR trains, not trains you 'borrow' with stations.

Having a station in the route does not 'disqualify' a route from being able to count towards longest route, even though it does not count as longer. By this, I mean, say you had a route that was 18 trains long, then a station, then another 22 trains long. This is not a 'Longest Train' of 40. It is a Longest Train of 22.

Hope this helps.

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Re:Help! Longest route question Sun, 29 December 2013 08:26
What DAC cazaron said!

You might also find the Ticket to Ride forum a useful place for future questions, and it'll be seen by more people who play this great game. Cool

Here's a link:
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