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submitting scenarios for publication. Sat, 04 January 2014 00:42
Hi everyone,

As I have said on the post announcing our second booklet, Jaime and I will continue with a quarterly publication. What we plan to do in the following booklets is publish more scenarios from the community. I have already received 2 really good scenarios that I think you will enjoy.

Anyway, I would like to use this thread to request more scenarios from all of you. You can either post them here or send them to me by Private Message. Remember, these scenarios will be for board play. So, use everything that is available. I would rather have the online scenarios stay online. There are just too many bugs and unusable terrain and units, and it may get confusing with what is available to us with the board game.

Finally, please review your scenarios thoroughly. Take a look at one of mine to see what is required in the description and special rules. Make sure your descriptions are easily understood, especially if using a special rule that hasn't been seen before.

Hopefully, we'll get a lot of responses and have more great scenarios for everyone to enjoy!

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