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Bring Boys Back Home

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March 2005
A Breaklord / overthrough experience Sun, 29 December 2013 16:24
(First off all, this will not be an After Action Report, just a small overview of my first breaklord experience and the choices I made to play it.)

So I played my first breaklord and it was a lot of fun
If you haven't done it yet, you really should Razz

A few facts to start with:
Scenario: Battle for Kasserine pass by JDRommel. left board right board
Needed material: Two basegames for tiles and units, one Mediterranean pack for units and two tiger tanks
Setup time: 1 hour
Play time: 4,5 hours
Players: 4 (1 experienced player and 3 occasionally players)
Command cards: One set of breakthrough cards

This JDRommel scenario is very well made with opportunities for both sides. I choose this scenario because a JDRommel scenario is always good and because it's an easy to setup scenario which uses not that many expansions and specific rules. Ideal for starters.
The allied defenders are spread out over the map while a concentrated German force tries to break through and gain some medal cities. 24 medals are needed. Mountains en passes with roads dominate the map with occasionally some woods or cities who provide cover. The defender can use the roads to quickly reinforce his front line with troops from the rear (in our game this worked very well for the allied player)

Second choice I had to make was which command card I had to choose. As far As I had read I had 3 choices:
1: A overlord command set played in overlord format.
2: A single Breakthrough Set played in breakthrough format.
3: A single or double breakthrough Set played in overlord format.

All formats have their own pro's and con's. Since we had 4 players a overlord format we choose for option 2. It's an option I first read in a scenario by Burdie Smith. You play 2 vs 2 and every player has his own board. both players of one side play simultaneous one card. This works very nice since every player can use every card (in overlord some card can only be used by a specific player on a flank) so you need to discuss a lot of who plays which card, this makes it a good team play option despite the fact you play on your own board. Off course you can move unit over to the other board for help and If you play "on the move" you may only play it on your own board.
So you play two cards and by the end of the turn you draw two cards. We had to made one chance and that was the Finest Hour. Since both sides had 10 command cards we found this card to powerful to play with 1 player so we decided to play this card as the only card for that turn. so 10 dice where thrown and both players divided the outcome. All other cards worked as they should Smile
The choice for option two worked very well. Since all players are involved in playing, nobody had to wait. The "on the move" orders came in handy for moving troops forward so that speed up the game a bit. and since the breakthrough deck has more tactic command cards there was a lot of action on the battlefield.

Playtime of 4,5 hours could have been short (we talked a lot) but you really should take around 4 hours to play a game this way. And this was a scenario with not that many rules and tiles so "bigger" scenario could take more time. If you do not have that many time you could choose to limit the amount of medals. the 24 medal are good fun, but if you choose to play for 18 of 20 medals it still is a great scenario.

I wrote more that I Initially thought I would, but since I couldn't find that many information I hope it helps players if they want to play a breaklord scenario.
Thanks for reading and keep having fun with this great game!
Achtung Panzer
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December 2007
Re:A Breaklord / overthrough experience Mon, 30 December 2013 23:17
Thanks for this. I've played this Breaklord scenario and was interested to see hwich deck you played with and how to play certain cards.

A very helpful insight / report.
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Bring Boys Back Home

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March 2005
Re:A Breaklord / overthrough experience Sat, 04 January 2014 16:32
Achtung Panzer wrote on Mon, 30 December 2013 23:17

Thanks for this. I've played this Breaklord scenario and was interested to see hwich deck you played with and how to play certain cards.

A very helpful insight / report.

Thanks, hopefully it helps Smile

Yesterday I played a breaklord for the second but with a different scenario and another way of playing it.

Scenario: THE BASTOGNE CORRIDOR by burdie smith. left board right board
overlay pieces
Needed material: three basegames for units, two Eastern front packs for tiles, two winterwars for tiles, 1 airpack for tiles.
Setup time: 1,5 hour
Play time: 4,5 hours
Players: 5
Command cards: One set of breakthrough cards in overlord format

Burdie Smith's scenario is great to play as it has lots of opportunities for both sides in both defense and attack. There are a lot of units on the board (three base games!!) and they are all over the place. its a 20 medal game with a sudden death for the allied players if the lose Bastogne.

Since we had 5 players we went for the overlord format with breakthrough deck. With the on the move its easy to move around the board and because each side can play 3 cards there is a lot of action each turn. The three player team had a lot of discussion of who could play a card.
Because the breakthrough deck isn't made for overlord we ran into some difficulties to overcome.
- Pincer Move: We played it as the overlord card with the addition that you can order 2 units on the move
- General advance: orders 2 units in each section of the flank (because it van be used in any flank we didn't allow a on the move order here)
- Finest Hour: just as in the overlord deck.

Overall breakthrough in overlord format works great. it plays fast and with on the move you can strategic move you units around.
Because it is a big scenario with many tiles and units it took a while to set up and play. If that's no problem for you, its really worth to try.
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