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December 2013
Alvin and Dexter Fri, 10 January 2014 02:07
I got this expansion (Alvin & Dexter) for my 61st birthday and love it but have modified the rules. We randomly draw the card(s) when a locomotive is used. You are taking a risk because it may not be the one you want. We also decided to change the Ticket to Ride game, along with our 190 expansion. At the end we deduct any trains left at your table. In addition, if you have trip tickets that were not completed THOSE quantities deduct from your total trips. So, if you completed 7 trips and had three that you could not complete - you only have a total of 4. This effects the 15 point bonus for most trip tickets from 1910 expansion. We feel that these added rules make it much more competitive and cutthroat...which is what we like! I also painted my Alvin & Dexter to make them easier to differentiate (just can't seem to post the pic).
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