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Tournoi de Lorraine - April 12, 2014 Wed, 15 January 2014 22:37
EMI44 and I are pleased to invite you to the first « Tournoi de Lorraine ».

It will take place Saturday, April 12, 2014 near Nancy. So you have time to organize.

Registrations are now open and will close March 15, 2014.

You can find all the details of the tournament by downloading this document : Rules of Engagement.

This document also contains the registration form to complete and return with your payment.

The tournament will last the day and for the fans, we suggest you take the evening meal together before "Soirée Off" (marging the tournament) obviously dedicated to MEMOIR'44. More specific details regarding this event will be announced later but it promises to be atypical.

For those wishing to spend a weekend away in Lorraine, there are many things to visit. For sites related to World War II, it may be noticed:
  • Arracourt,
  • Vézelise Museum
  • Charles de Gaulle Memorial
  • American Mémorial of Saint-Avold (the most important in Europe)
  • Etc.

But the history of Lorraine is rich and is not limited to World War II ...

Further details about the tournament will be provided over the time (must maintain the suspense) or as answers to any questions.

We sincerely hope to see you there.

Guillaume et Michel.

Initial french post.


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Re:Tournoi de Lorraine - April 12, 2014 Sat, 13 December 2014 12:31

Ich komme.
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