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February 2014
Ticket to Ride - Europe: How do Stations Work? Sun, 02 February 2014 11:17
I knwo this may seem a simple question, but after playing one game we are unsure how stations work within the game, can someone give us some worked examples?

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Re:Ticket to Ride - Europe: How do Stations Work? Sun, 02 February 2014 11:38
I've enclosed some links to earlier questions about stations. They might be helpful.

And this is a link to a general tutorial on the EU-map, which includes a bit about stations:
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Re:Ticket to Ride - Europe: How do Stations Work? Sun, 02 February 2014 12:12
Direct paste from the guide I wrote with Leeroy for Steam:

Blocking got considerably harder with the addition of stations.
A station allows you to 'borrow' another player's route from the city it is on to one city it is connected to. The station may only borrow ONE route out of or into a city, and while you don't have to say which specific route this is, when scoring, you may not vary which direction it goes.

For instance: Assume that you, the green player, have the ticket Stockholm-Cadiz. You have the routes Stockholm-Kobenhavn, Essen-Frankfurt, but the cheeky Red player has Kobehavn-Essen! In the US version, this would be a block, and it would be very hard to come back from. In Europe, however, you may place a station. If you place the station on Kobenhavn, it can ONLY use the Kobenhavn-Essen route; as you own the other route it could theoretically use. If you placed the station on Essen instead, it could use ONE of the following: Kobenhavn-Essen, Essen-Berlin, Essen-Frankfurt (which you already have) or Amsterdam-Essen. As you need Kobenhavn, if you were to put a station on Essen, you would use the Kobenhavn-Essen route. If, later in the game, you needed the route Essen-Amsterdam, but the cheeky Yellow player this time had that route, you could not use your Essen station to borrow that route if you still intended on using it for Stockholm-Cadiz. You would instead need to put a station on Amsterdam.

In summary, then: You do not have to say which route you are 'borrowing', but you cannot use the same station to 'borrow' multiple routes. To do this, you must use different stations.
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