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LeGoupil: Same story Wed, 26 February 2014 15:30

today multigame with Legoupil, me and 3 other players.

Legoupil has a few point.
Loses its connection.
Both take 3 tix.
Legoupil come back.

I asked him if he wanted to continue.
He says ok.

After 3 round he says: we can restart the game ?

I and ThoMue say no after 3 rounds.
He decides to block the game
In the end we have to leave all

1) is the fourth time that happens with Legoupil. When he wins it never happens, when it is difficult to lose the connection and then magically returns and ask to restart the game.

2) I might as well accept it if it did immediately. not after three rounds.

3) This speech should apply to everyone. Losing the connection can happen. If it is a long time is right to leave the game. If it happens for a few minutes and it is bad luck to be accepted for the enjoyment of all.
Both the take 3 tix ok. but how many times have we catch them and did not find anything useful.

why change the game of the other 4?

is not a tournament where the rules are written
everyone should have the good sense to think about the fun and not just the rankings in points, at least among us big players

points are won and lost every day
is not important

it is important to see the best players that whatever happens will bring respect for others and not always ask for things in their advantageous


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Re:LeGoupil: Same story Fri, 28 February 2014 19:41

My initial message was a bit aggressive. I have nothing against you.

I do not understand why you keep thinking about that game.
I had bot taking tix for me and ask for your understanding as soon as I noticed it. People were reluctant and disappointed (they waited until I could get back), but they left the game in the end.
I still play with those players with no problem.

It happens to others as well and we respect each other enough to accept it (good tix or bad tix on hands).

Let's just have fun in our games and not be too stressed about what people should or should not do.



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