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January 2014
  Suggestion for "Unsung Heroes" Wed, 05 March 2014 15:42
We've all played online games against opponents that have left a positive impression on us and I think it would be a good idea to let others know about our positive experiences. I'm not sure how this will go down but if its not against any rules may I suggest that we have a topic stream where members can respond with nominations for the title of "Unsung Hero". They may be someone who has offered help or advice, or someone who, win or lose, is always friendly as the saying goes "Humble in Victory Gracious in Defeat". There are many very good players of this game and I have already encountered a good number that fit into this category.

However I really don't want this to be somewhere to leave negative comments about anyone as we all have off days and it would not be fair or fitting to do so.

What does everyone think?

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July 2007
Re:Suggestion for "Unsung Heroes" Wed, 05 March 2014 16:14
I think this is a fine idea! Like you said, we don't want a 'sister thread' to start up for the "Vile Villains" or anything like that, but acknowledging people who are pleasant and helpful in the Online game is wonderful and I'm sure those players will be honored. Cool
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November 2007
Re:Suggestion for "Unsung Heroes" Wed, 05 March 2014 18:24
I personnaly do to see the need for this thread. Not because there are no people worthy of it, on the contrary, there are lots of deserving people.

But as I see it this whole community is one of fine gentlemen and (a few) ladies who are courteous, helpfull and fight you to the bitter end, but take defeat graciously.

Somebody can have a bad day of course (even me) but on the whole I think the whole community is fine. Especially if I compare to some other gaming communities.

I like to tell people right away that it was a good game and I enjoyed their company. Also I would be afraid to forget somebody if such a thread would be there. Embarassed

But this is only my opinion so go ahead and start the thread. Smile
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December 2012
Re:Suggestion for "Unsung Heroes" Thu, 06 March 2014 16:00
I'd just like to throw out some massive, public appreciation for a few groups of M'44 Online comrades:

1. The first few higher ranking officers who played me in my first games while I was so stinking green and could hardly figure out how to select, move, and fire Laughing Your names are lost to me, brothers, but thank you!

2. The second group are all the guys who have spend their ingots testing and retesting the few scenarios I've attempted to design and post: Nygaard, SDNative, and Pedroas, you guys have been so helpful. I appreciate all your input and "thinking" with me on how to make them enjoyable. And I've enjoyed trying out your scenarios or just consistently meeting up and battling.

3. Then there's the group that coached me into my first days in the Vassal community and have been so very active on the forums answering my novice questions and directing me toward some of the very helpful resources you've posted. I might miss a few of you, but thanks for all the help... Quit2, Tank Commander, Jeronimon, Stevens, Sam1812, Rasmussen81, Michelecannone, Antoi, LooneyLlama, Gonzalan

Each of you I've mentioned, I'd love the chance to travel to where you are and go head to head across a tabletop on any long afternoon or evening. The chatter, the banter, and the sheer fun make the game so enjoyable. Short of that opportunity I look forward to the enjoyment of catching you online.

Thanks, comrades!


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