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Smallworld Underground Rulings needed Sat, 08 March 2014 20:23

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

We were playing our first four player game and came up with a few conundrums. I was wondering if we could get some resolutions please?

1. Wise-Flames conquered a monster region on their first conquest and were rewarded with Stonehedge. Two quick questions about this:

a. Regarding the random draw of a special power, the player shuffled all the remaining special powers, excluding the five in queue, and picked out Tomb at random. Was this the correct way or should the 6th (top of the pile) special power have been left alone? Or is there an alternative process for this to happen?
b. The Flames went into Decline and the player redeployed all remaining Flames according to the Tomb power. What happens if another Race now conquers the Stonehedge region? Do they get Tomb or do they get to draw another random special Power? If they get Tomb, what happens to the original player's remaining in-decline? Or, again, is there a third option?

2. Muddy-Mummies & Mystic-Orgres.

Player A had Muddy-Mummies and Player B had Mystic-Orgres. Player A's Mummies were their second race. Their in-decline race were occupying Muddy regions and they proceeded to occupy the rest of the board. Funnily enough, Player B was in the exact same situation with their Mystic Ogres. The ruling question comes from the wording of the rules:

Muddy: "Collect 1 bonus coin for each Muddy Region you occupy at turn's end,even when in decline."
Mystic: "Collect 1 bonus coin for each Mystic Crystal Region you occupy at turn's end.

The wording is "you occupy" and as a result of that we allowed both players to earn the 1 bonus coin for regions that their in-decline races held as well. Was this incorrect? The powers don't say "your active race" they say "you"

3. Quarreling and Flocking.

We like to think we are smart people Shocked boy were we wrong. I think the wording threw us a little. If a player occupied 1 Mine and 1 Mystic Crystal region that are somehow not connected, do they earn 2 points? If for some reason, through abandoning or being conquered, this player occupied 5 regions, none of them connected, we'll say 2 Mines, 1 Mountain, 2 Shroom Forests, do they get 5 bonus points, 1 for each region, or 3 bonus points, 1 for the 2 Mines, 1 for the Mountain and 1 for the 2 Shroom Forests? Or are we completely wrong and should feel really bad about ourselves? What happens when the player has only 1 region?

We played Flocking the following way. The Player conquered 5 regions and it was their first conquest with this Race so they only moved in an adjacent manner, as a result, all 5 regions were considered adjacent so they got the 2 bonus points.

Thank you in advance for reading all that and leaving any answers. We are trying to get together with people a lot more frequently and board games and wii games seem to be helping us do just that!


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February 2014
Re:Smallworld Underground Rulings needed Sat, 08 March 2014 22:54
1. As the Underground Manual states, the power you draw is the power associated with Stonehenge for the rest of the game. If someone else conquered a Tomb Stonehenge after the previous owner went into decline, the previous owner's extra tokens do not suddenly disappear. If the new owner goes into decline while still in command of Stonehenge, the Tomb power applies to his troops as well.

2. In general, powers stop working when your race is in decline, although there are exceptions. Muddy still works while your race is in decline, Mystic does not, hence the different troop number between both of them (3 vs 4 respectively).

There's an easy way to check this (although checking the manual is obviously the best): when your race goes into decline, you have to flip your race and special power banner upside down. Is there still a unique illustration on the back of your power tile? Then you keep your power while in decline, in some way or form.

3. Quarreling: Splitting up your region into separate sets, not connected by a shared border, earns you bonus points. One continuous region earns you 1 bonus point, splitting up your region into 2 sets (by crossing a river, abandoning, etc.) earns you 2 bonus points, and so on.

Flocking: Conquering 5 adjacent regions in a row leaves you with a single set of adjacent regions at turn's end, so the player would indeed get the 2 bonus coins.

Have fun playing, and check the FAQs on this forum if you're confused!

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