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March 2014
Small World Oblivion | Updated with Realms Map Mon, 17 March 2014 23:20


Place the Trade Caravan token into an opponent's active and adjacent Region. Score 1 bonus Victory Coin for each race token upon this Region.

"Like a hammer from the North" you may conquer any adjacent Region with 1 less token if it lies South of your most recent conquest*. This benefit also applies to your First Conquest if you enter from the Northern border. *To determine whether a Region lies South of your position, both its most northern and southern point must be lower than the respective points of the Region you are Attacking from.

Bandits(TN) - Token quantity equal to Turn number
"Pay the toll" and place 1 extra Coin on this Race during the Race selection phase. As the game grows so do the amount of Bandits: Race Token quantity equals the Turn Number.

notes: A meagre threat at the start of the game which everyone will want to avoid. However, like any Bandit camp left to their ways, they will eventually become a big threat (from turn 7 onwards) and partnered with all of the additional "loot" they have accrued throughout the game, will be a sort after end-game race. They are Further balanced in that if they come into the stack during the late game then they will have had little time to accrue their additional Victory Coins. All of these dynamics add to a good, thematic Race.

Bretons (3/8)
As advocates of culture, not war, receive 1 bonus coin for every Region in which you leave only 1 Breton token behind. Gifted in the art of magic Bretons may leave up to 2 tokens upon Magic Source Regions for the same bonus benefit.

Stone Giants (6/11)updated
once per turn you may use a new Mountain Region token to conquer any non-mountainous Region with a single adjoining token. Newly forged mountain regions stay on the board for the entirety of the game.

Divines (1/11)
When the Divines become available in the Race selection Column, immediately attach the next special power in the stack to them. Token quantity equates to the sum of all banners combined.

Argonians (6/11)
Utilising their "unique" Rootworm transportation system, all Swamp Regions are considered adjacent for Argonians. In Addition, Argonians never lose Race Tokens when conquered upon Swamp Regions. Go Figure!

Imperials (6/11)
You may conquer any cross-haired Region with 1 less token than usual.

If Realms, every second conquest of your turn may be undertaken with 1 less token than usual

Dark Elves(6/11)
During Troop Redeployment, collect 1 Fireball marker for each Magic Source you occupy. Fireballs count as 2 Race tokens but may only be used to attack on subsequent turns. They are discarded once used. Several Fireballs may be used to conquer a single Region.

note: This is basically the fireball power recalibrated as a racial Power. Fits the theme

Daedra (6/13)
During Troop Redeployment place the 2 Oblivion Gates Tokens within your domain. If the gate[s] remain unconquered until the start of your next turn then receive 1 additional Race token from the tray for each gate that remains open.

Tsaesci (7/12)
Roll the dice at the start of your turn, the quantity of pips displays the number of Regions that you may conquer during this turn for 2 less tokens than usual.

Blades (5/14) | updated
Whilst the Blades are in Decline, you may flip an adjacent in Decline Region into another in Decline Blades token. The movement continues, once per race per turn. "ssshh".


Alluring (5)
During the Race selection phase you may not pass over this Race and must select them. Upon selection each player must lavish you with 1 Victory Coin.

Circumnavigating (5)
As if the map were a globe, border Regions are now adjacent based upon the respective horizontal or vertical plane. Races may travel full-circle and come out anywhere at the other end!

Siege Master (5)
You may attack Regions containing 3 or more racial tokens or any defensive structure (fortresses, bivouacs, troll lairs et al.) with 2 less tokens than usual!

Dragonborn (5)
Your mastery of the Thum grants complete immunity to the Dragon as well as all other combat modifiers against your Race, including the reinforcement dice. In addition, you may roll your reinforcement dice until at least 1 pip is shown. "FUS RO DAH".

Teleporting (5)
All Magic Regions are adjacent for this Race and may be conquered with 1 less token than usual.

Dark Brotherhood (4)
Collect all defeated player Race tokens that would normally be sent to the tray. For every set of tokens equal to the number of players, immediately gain 1 Victory Coin. Working from the shadows, this power works even when the attached race is in Decline.

Credit to Nathaniel_z

Royal (3)
"For Queen and country" - If the number of Regions you occupy is equal to or greater than the number displayed under the Crown (Turn marker) then receive that amount in bonus Victory Coins. To aid you on this quest, you may perform a Royal Visit in another player's active and adjacent Region with the Royal token. This grants that Region full immunity but may be counted towards your Regional total. You do not score a singular Coin for this Region.

Prospecting (4)
On selection you may freely decide upon 1 terrain type which shall grant 1 bonus Victory Coin per occupied Region

Necromancing (4)
"They shall rise again" - Each Lost Tribe token that is removed from the board is returned to you rather than the tray. At the end of your active race's turn you may continue your conquest with these allotted tokens following all conquest rules. Score 1 bonus Coin for each new Region conquered leaving 1 Lost Tribe token on each Region and returning the rest to the tray.

In addition, at the start of your turn you may freely populate any empty Region with 1 Lost tribe token from the tray.

Bullying (5)
The amount of Race tokens required to conquer new Regions is reduced by the sum of surrounding adjacent Regions you occupy, halved then rounded down.

Enslaving (4)
~ Removed ~
Not happy with power, OP with skeletons

Excavating (5)
Conquer any in Decline or Lost Tribe Region with 1 less token than usual. 1 token is still required.

Savage (4)
During conquest, return 2 defeated tokens back to the tray instead of the usual 1. Elves are still immune.

Friendly (5)
Once per opponent per turn, during redeployment you may freely place 1 of your tokens into another players active and adjacent Region, enjoying all racial and tile specific benefits. Other players who attack these "befriended" Regions must deal with the combined force. Losses incurring individually for each Race under conquest. At the start of your next turn take these friendly units back in hand unless the Region has been abandoned.


Eruption!!! (Race Banner)

As this event appears in the character stack*, "conquer" the Volcano and all adjacent land Regions with 1 Magma token per Region as per conquest rules. Immune Regions withstand any conquest but their underlying terrain is still turned into magma.

Each magma laden Region now has a native +1 to defence and nullifies all terrain types until the ERUPTION! banner reaches the top of the character stack and the magma "cools". When this occurs remove the banner and all magma tokens back to the box.

Note: Caverns, Magic Sources and Mines are still available whilst under the effect of magma.

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March 2014
Re:Small World Oblivion: An Elder Scrolls Expansion | Updated with Realms Map Sun, 20 April 2014 16:57
SW Realms Map

A fair approximation of Tamriel, I have Playtested it with 4 players but the number of Regions is enough to accommodate up to 6 players.



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March 2014
Re:Small World Oblivion | Updated with Realms Map Sun, 20 April 2014 17:16
SW Realms: Token Ideas


Set Up:
Place each "place" token upon it's reversed (question mark) side. As a player conquers one of these regions they flip it it over to reveal what they have. This is only required for the following place/artefact.


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March 2013
Re:Small World Oblivion | Updated with Realms Map Fri, 13 June 2014 18:17
I do not know but your Oblivion expansion has many good ideas. Several are really great! I do not understand why nobody has responded about this topic until now? I'll test some of your peoples and powers.

Feel free to share your ideas! I am a fan!

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April 2013
Re:Small World Oblivion | Updated with Realms Map Tue, 17 June 2014 22:07
Awesome job, I like your powers and races!

Do you have the artwork to print them?
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March 2014
Re:Small World Oblivion | Updated with Realms Map Sun, 29 June 2014 14:13
KrAkK wrote on Fri, 13 June 2014 12:17

I do not understand why nobody has responded about this topic until now?

As such that I stopped checking up on it!

nathaniel_z wrote on Tue, 17 June 2014 16:07

Awesome job, I like your powers and races!

Do you have the artwork to print them?

Yes I do have printable artwork, i could link it via OneDrive over personal message if you like...

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