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VASSAL Module 10.9 Fri, 04 July 2014 23:52
Find it here: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module%3AMemoir_%2744

591 scenarios included at time of writing.

What's new:
* 10.9 is not compatible with 10.8. Both players must use the same version of module, and games started in 10.8 should be completed in 10.8
* Added "Move No Further" marker to units. E.g. units that move on Wire my not move further or take ground that turn
* Added Paradrop marker that stays on the map, to be used instead of Battle Star for scenarios with in-game paradrops
* Added a (0) level to the Air Sorties/Landing marker
* New Ocean, Beach and River Mouth tiles
* Start card markers now stay on the board and show the player Command. They can also auto-increase for scenarios where one side was surprised
* Changed the night attack setup marker, and added log text to sun level changes
* Can now right-click directly on river tiles to place a Pontoon Bridge (Terrain 33) - use shift-click to select the river tile
* Added 2 new alternate bridge styles
* Added scenario information markers for Air Power dice and No Barrage
* Added Axis/Allies control markers
* Added a Time Limit marker that prevents Reshuffles of the deck. Also added a panel "Removed Cards" under the Cards toolbar button where cards can be removed from the game without revealing them
* Removed Air Sortie cards from the board, they can be added from the Pieces panel when needed. There are three types of Air Sortie cards depending on the deck used (standard, OL or BT)
* Removed the shortcuts help panel from the side board. The shortcut keys are listed in a help entry under the Help menu
* Added a figure counting piece. When placed on the board it counts Figure Hits on units (not Warships or Airplanes). This is a tool for ladder or tournament games
* Added player hand windows for up to 6 players per side. Added a solitaire Axis / solitaire Allies player side for control of all different Axis / Allies card windows by one player
* Added reinforcements panel (information only, there are no unit factories)
* Fixed stacking of airplanes with aircraft carriers
* Removed the shortcut to the landing craft layer on units. The landing craft is now a separate piece drawn underneath units
* Added extended breakthrough map
* Changed map modes in the Scenario Chooser to support OverThrough/MultiMap. Removed BreakLord
* Added Supported Infantry and Supported Armor unit types
* Removed the Variant Decks since they were too much trouble to update. If this feature is actually used I can find some way to replace the feature under a different form
* Added Bridge Control hex side overlay to show the area used for bridge control
* Added Entry markers
* Added Landing Craft setup marker (for reinforcement entry hexes)
* Improved the LoS tool
* Added overview window
* Minor fixes
* All scenarios have been updated and new ones added

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Bring Boys Back Home

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March 2005
Re:VASSAL Module 10.9 Sat, 05 July 2014 00:42
Thanks again for your great work.
Although i said once to you i didn't like vassal it seems I have to change my opion.
Its getting better every timeI play
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August 2006
Re:VASSAL Module 10.9 Sat, 05 July 2014 05:51
As usual, coming up with creature comforts and improvements that I wouldn't have even thought of to ask for. You're amazing!
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