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May 2014
Those Bots seem to know my destination cards! Sat, 05 July 2014 19:53
Does this seem to be going on in games you play? The Bots are very aggressively blocking your destinations at key points and don't typically finish their destination cards?
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December 2010
Re:Those Bots seem to know my destination cards! Sun, 13 July 2014 05:11
It only seems like they're out to get you Laughing. I don't think they deliberately try to block. But if you block them, unlike us, they don't have the ability to work around it. Their little bot brains just don't "think" like we do. So instead of trying to close their destination tickets they seem to go for maximum point routes between cities just for the sake of racking up points to win the game.
DAC cazaron
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May 2012
Re:Those Bots seem to know my destination cards! Sun, 13 July 2014 10:02
The AI tends to have a predetermined strategy with their routes and will just follow it with no real regard for where you are.
Trust me in saying they don't set out to block you, they just happen to want certain routes that you need at the time.

If they've been appearing to just straight up block you in consecutive games, you might just be unlucky!

This is also the reason why they favour not finishing tickets: while a human would go 'well, I can string this and this together and hope for this connection' the bots tend to go 'well, that route's taken, ticket's as good as finished now, new ticket, let's not waste time'.
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