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actions 29 TOWN CONTROL Sun, 30 November 2014 02:04

HI ALL just received my d-day landings and looking forward to a game next weekend.A couple of things on my mind though and i'm really struggling with the 'town control rule'

can anyone explain this in simple laymens terms?

cheers !
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Re:actions 29 TOWN CONTROL Sun, 30 November 2014 04:07
In all beach scenarios the AXIS (Germans) begin with TOWN CONTROL of all the towns on the board. Since all towns belong to the AXIS, no control markers are necessary (the ALLIES will have to take control to put a marker on them and hence it makes it easier to visually see how many towns are controlled by which force). Also, because of this control, the AXIS start with 2 objective medals. They retain these medals unless they lose control of some of the towns. Therefore it is an objective goal of the ALLIES to gain town control for two reasons:

* Gaining control of towns gains objective medals for the ALLIES
* Losing control of towns takes objective medals from the AXIS

To gain TOWN CONTROL, the ALLIES simply need to occupy the town hex with a ground unit.
- They can either totally destroy an AXIS ground unit occupying a town with a close assault combat and take ground to occupy it OR force the AXIS ground unit to retreat and take ground to accomplish this.
- They could simply move into a town hex that currently no AXIS forces are occupying and take it with little effort.

Once they enter the town hex the ALLIES gain control of that town. You use the town control marker (turned to the ALLIES side) to indicate the ALLIES have control of that newly captured town. Place the marker adjacent to the town hex that the ALLIES are now occupying. This marker will stay there even if the ALLIED forces leave. They retain control unless an AXIS ground unit REENTERS the town. At this point control of that town reverts back to the AXIS and the ALLIED town control marker is removed. Once the AXIS ground unit has reverted the town control to the AXIS, he may also leave the hex and the town control remains with the AXIS unless the ALLIES reenter that town.

So at the beginning of each players turn you evaluate how many towns the AXIS control versus how many the ALLIES control and the objective medals are distributed accordingly. This gain and loss of control can be a determining factor of who wins the game.

The specific number of towns necessary to obtain medals is for the most part is outlined in each scenario.


* Town Control rules are in effect (Actions 29 - Town Control). The Axis player is in control of all the town hexes on the map at the start of the battle. The Axis player starts with 2 Temporary Victory Medals on his Victory Stand for controlling the towns. If the Allied player takes control of at least 3 town hexes, he takes a Temporary Medal from the Axis Victory Stand and places it on his own Victory Stand. If he controls at least 5 town hexes, he takes the second Temporary Medal from the Axis Victory Stand and places it on his own.

If you count the number of whole town hexes on the map board you get 11. The AXIS will get two objective medals for controlling ALL of the towns.

In the course of the battle, if the ALLIES manage to gain control of just three town hexes, then one objective medal that the AXIS have they lose and it transfers to the ALLIES side. If the AXIS lose control of five town hexes, then the ALLIES take the second objective medal and now they have both objective medals and the AXIS have none.

Should the ALLIES lose control of one of the five towns they NOW control, they will at the start of the next turn have to return an objective medal to the AXIS.

I hope this is clear enough.

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Re:actions 29 TOWN CONTROL Sun, 30 November 2014 12:17
Yes that's MUCH better explained ! thank you kind sir! Razz
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