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Issue: My chosen player color isn't honored Sun, 29 November 2015 21:53
On the new iPad version, I've selected what I want my default color to be (More->Settings->Avatar's Color). However, this choice is usually not honored. The color I get in a game seems to change based on if I start a game or a friend starts a game, and how many people are playing in the game. For example, I've chosen purple, but I've had games where I seem to get Red or Green.

It should be easy enough (and the old version did this) to always show myself in MY chosen color on my screen. Even if two players chose the same color for themselves, the game should be able to adapt the displays to keep things consistent and less confusing. Thanks!
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Re:Issue: My chosen player color isn't honored Tue, 01 December 2015 00:52
Yes, sorry about this. It's a known issue that is being fixed in the first update. Android and Steam players should already see this fix and I believe it's in review by Apple for iOS users.

You can keep track of the changes being made over on this post:

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