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Want to reduce game play screen Tue, 01 December 2015 08:41
hi tried to place this in game support as a request but is says a log file is mandatory? not sure why as its a request ?? Havent decided if i like the new version or not.. ging to give it a fair trial first, just need the following please.

I play ticket to ride while watching movies, since the update i can no longer adequately reduce the gameplay screen, except by about an inch and a half in the settings if i go for not full screen.. help!! watching movies an inch bigs not good Sad
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Re:Want to reduce game play screen Tue, 01 December 2015 08:48
The log file give us information that is key to figuring out what's going on with the game, so even if it isn't technically a bug please take a moment to grab it and submit your request using the form:

If you could, open the game and try to resize it how you want to show us what the problem is. Take a screen shot how how it looks, so we can see what's happening on the screen. By submitting the bug report is also gets added in to our list of fixes and requests so we don't lose the idea in the forums. Thanks!
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