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Ticket to ride on Android 6.0 Thu, 11 February 2016 15:25

I've purchassed Ticket to ride for android in a Humble Bundle a while ago and I'd like to play on a tablet i just bought which is on Android 6.0.
But the game won't start... It just close itself right after I launch it.

My Tablet is a google Pixel C and the version of ticket to ride available for download on Humble Bundle is the 1.6.7-541

Is there a way to get the latest version to try without having to purchase it a second time?
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Re:Ticket to ride on Android 6.0 Thu, 11 February 2016 17:41
The Humble Bundle has not yet been updated to the new version yet, so I would guess that's why it isn't working for you. Follow us on Facebook over here: and we'll be letting everyone know when it is ready.
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