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TTR UK rules question Tue, 16 February 2016 22:08
Okay my good friends here at Competitive thread. Played TTR UK for first time. And as often happens a rules interpretation is needed.
(I also asked the question on boardgamegeek, where Alan Moon contributes)

So here goes:

The Propeller Technology explanation in rules and in picture on the card leaves us open to interpretation.

Is one forced to buy propeller technology to claim a ferry route? (in Europe version we do not have to do that, but in looking at rule book, it shows an example that says 4 tech cards are needed to claim Londonderry-Stranraer route, and includes the Propeller tech card as needed.)

Or Does the purchase of the Propeller Tech allow you to not have to use a loko when claiming the ferry route? (picture on card makes it look like propeller technology cancels the loko requirement)

Basically the question almost comes down to: Is one forced to buy propeller technology unless one stays in England the whole time, as if it is required for ferry routes?

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Re:TTR UK rules question Wed, 17 February 2016 08:03
You need to have the Propeller Technology in order to claim a ferry route. You also need to claim with with the required locomotives. The Propeller Technology does not bypass the locomotive requirement.

You can use 4 other train car cards as a replacement for a locomotive (3 if you have the booster technology).
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