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June 2008
  Miss old version Sun, 20 March 2016 14:57
I realize the need to move the game to a new platform, and several things that were different have been fixed...thank you! I really miss being able to see high scores in an easy to read format. I loved to try and beat high scores. It isn't user friendly any more and a bit confusing. The thing I miss the most is the old Loughbot. Sometimes I try and play the game to strategize, but sometimes I just needed a stress relief. I would play Loughbot and could rack up some pretty high scores. It helped to be able to try out strategies for other players and was just fun. Now she blocks you all the time, rarely finishes her cards (because she wastes all her trains blocking you), and it has taken all the fun out of playing. It is like playing with the annoying brother-in-law all the time, I used to recommend this game to everyone, now when it comes up in conversations it is to express frustrations that everyone has. I will hang in there and hope that eventually it will all get worked out. I just miss it! I am glad all the board games (I own them all) don't have updates that will aggravate and annoy.

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November 2004
Re:Miss old version Thu, 28 April 2016 08:50
I miss the game history that shows what cards were taken.
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April 2013
Re:Miss old version Mon, 09 May 2016 14:55
It's too easy. An OK change to my mind/
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