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Netherlands Map Pack - Questions about neutral player Wed, 07 September 2016 14:19

I have a couple of questions about the rules for dummy player when playing Netherlands 2 player?

The rules state the following:

"During the first 5 turns of the game, the neutral player isn't playing yet..... Starting with the 6th turn, there is a new neutral player phase each turn, after both live players have taken their turns"

1) Does this mean 6 individual turns (3 turns each) or 6 rounds (6 turns each)?

2) After both live players have taken their turn....
Does this mean after the players turn who currently holds the neutral player marker. Or does the neutral player phase occur after every players turn regardless of who has the marker but the player who controls the marker still chooses where to place the tracks if applicable?

3) Also it is my understanding that the neutral player marker is only passed onto your opponent when you make a choice on behalf of the dummy player. My understand is that you hold onto the neutral player marker if the ticket you draw does not have any routes down the bottom for the dummy and after your following turn you draw another ticket for the dummy. The marker is not handed over until you make a placement and only if this placement requires you to chose between 2 colours of a double track. I.e. If one of the double tracks is already taken you make placement but because you did not chose which colour of the double track you still hold onto the neutral player marker.

Please can someone provide clarification or at least your interpretation of the rules. I have seen this question elsewhere on the Internet with no solid answer. An official clarification would be helpful.


P.S Here is the rules booklet:
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