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November 2016
Rankings etc. online vs android Sun, 04 December 2016 15:26

I have the android version of TTR and a boardgame.
When I am logged in at website, I can't find any link to the fact I have the android version, like the rankings etc of online. Is online ranking visible at account online for the Web version?

Or can I register my android somewhere with my account on here?

Additional, if I want to play on pc using Steam, I have to purchase the game again? So each platform is seperate?

Thanks for the information.

-- edit --
I just noticed , it takes a while for the scores to be available so this can be discarded.

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Re:Rankings etc. online vs android Mon, 05 December 2016 07:07
Yay, glad your scores showed up! To answer your other question, yes you'll have to purchase it for each platform. The various stores don't honor a purchase from the other ones, unfortunately.

Enjoy the game and have fun!
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