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September 2016
  Rank score went rouge Wed, 18 January 2017 23:22
Can someone please explain why I lost 13 points in this situation, even though I didn't get last place? (Also, why can't I attach a screenshot to this??) Oh well, here's a breakdown:

Player 1 score: 134

Player 2 score: 120

My score: 115

Player 4 score: 104

Why is there such a dramatic difference between +/- 3 and +/- 13??
Why did I lose 13 points, not Player 4?

This isn't the first time this has happened to me, so I'm just looking for an explanation or rationalization on rank score, because it doesn't make sense or seems like it's out of control most of the time.
Thank you!
Mandala Maharaja

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November 2015
Re:Rank score went rouge Thu, 19 January 2017 02:15
Here is a link to the more detailed explanation:

But in short, it all depends on the respective scores of each player and how they ranked with respect to their starting score. This is how the system ends up being "self-leveling" - the more games you play, unless your skill level is changing, your score should theoretically not adjust much.

You'll lose more points if you had a higher rank than other players, but came in third. The person in fourth place may have had a lower score to begin with, so there isn't as much loss since their rank already reflected that they would do worse against the other three opponents.
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