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Moved from Asia thread Steam-Web Sat, 11 March 2017 10:38
Hi all.

I am going to post here because I don't care about it anymore and I feel the right to say a couple of things explaining why I stopped playing last year.

Until November 2015 we could play on web or on Steam and we were all together in the same lobby.

Then DOW/Asmodee asked our help to make a beta testing on the new Steam version. I was a part of the Beta testing team at the time with the aim of making the new platform better than the ones we had available at the time.

Nothing is perfect, but we are all aware that things can be improved.

DOW/Asmodee f$$$ed up everything because THEY KNEW FROM THE THAT THE LOBBIES WOULD HAVE BEEN SEPARATED. but they never told people in the beta team that the players would have been in two separate rooms.

DOW/Asmodee made what they thought better for the online game and they killed the online tournaments in the process but THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT IT AT ALL (see live World cup of TTR as an example).

I tried to go on. Their game, their decisions Very Happy

But then started all the troubles.

All the organizers tried to find solutions for this new trouble. I play on both Web and Steam... so no trouble for me... but there are technical problems and there are emotive problems right??

We tried to find compromises etc etc..

but we were the Dinosaurs that could not adapt.

Instead Steam players asked to move when needed from their OLD environment (Steam) to their new environment (WEB) are holy players that try to work for the best of the community that think that the world needs to adapt to their environment or else...

Adapt can go both ways no?

Steam version is more modern but in tournaments you need to be ready to play in both platform or please avoid to give trouble.

MonsNives complained with me a lot about one player in league that could play only on Steam because he felt damaged in that series. I told him to shut off and play.

I stopped to play, then real life Earthquakes and other things happened.

To the players that make it a matter of principle:

Question 1) Why several TDs decided to end losing time in making it?

Question 2) Why Steam players cannot try to adapt the same way they ske from the Web players.

Answer 2): Perhaps because it is nicer to play in our comfort zone and to not be the players with disdvantage in the competitions?

Question 3) Who are the real dinosaurs?

Back to play Elder Scrolls Online and the Crew Very Happy
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Re:Moved from Asia thread Steam-Web Sat, 11 March 2017 15:16
Personnally, I started on Java. I moved to Steam for one reason: the timer (games are faster).

I still play on Java. Why? A lack of good players who play Steam.

Am I weakier on Java? I hope not, but I don't think so. I don't believe in the «field» that some are talking... It's not home vs on road thing... Home is THE START and away/on road THE SECOND player.

When playing championships every player can have some issues that can be normal (school/work, family, personal problems, CIA/maffia, etc.) but Steam vs JAVA ? mmh...

A player moving is not a big deal for the TD and when it is in semifinal...

It's an hard stroke for the community 'cause you're not allow them to watch games of an high level
(but, where is the community?).

Anyway. (sigh)

I'm just disappointed, because I was expecting a GGF win in my predictions (see AMC's topic). Laughing Laughing

Still question 3 who remains interesting:

Who are the real dinosaurs?


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Re:Moved from Asia thread Steam-Web Sat, 11 March 2017 17:12
Question 2) Why Steam players cannot try to adapt the same way they ske from the Web players.

I am a Steam player.

Personally I played 80% of my tournament matches on Web after the platforms were separated. So I dont have the feeling that Steam players are the ones who are not ready for compromises.
I skipped playing after that, because I dont have any fun playing Web. I miss everything, because it is so small and my eyes are hurting.

The only problem you do not see is that the time of the web platform is nearly over, because Java plugins are not supported any longer. Chrome does not support it and Firefox is ready to kill java plugins in the next time.

The community will be dead at the moment Web version closes.
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