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February 2011
A reflection on my Memoir '44 scenario development experience. Sat, 07 October 2017 14:52
Achievement unlocked! I am now the second most published Memoir '44 unofficial scenario developer!

I have 96 scenarios up on the DoW Scenarios from the Front page. Of course, our good friend jdrommel has over 500+ scenarios so I doubt I will be taking the no.1 slot anytime soon haha!

It's been quite the journey! The first scenario I ever published was Counter Attack at Pegasus Bridge, (…) back in 2011 when I was still a young green recruit. I have since lost the account with which I published, but I republished the scenario in 2013 under my current username secret_strategem. Let's face it, it was a bad scenario that I barley playtested. However, my life was changed after that day, as scenario development became one of my passions. While many of the scenarios I published in the early years were badly playtested, if at all, I had fun.

In 2014 I became more serious and started to put more thought into scenario development. I tried to emulate the style of jdrommel as much as I could. On average I would publish a scenario a month, some better than others, and a few quite crap ones tbh.

Lately though, I have found a new zeal for scenario development, and have playtested more rigorously. I seem to be popping out a new scenario every week! Researching far and near I find inspiration everywhere. I scour local libraries for books that will contain good maps that can translate well into a Memoir game, or research tirelessly on the internet till I find every last detail about a certain engagement. It has been a fun journey! I have roughly 50 scenarios still in various stages of development waiting to be published and I look forward to sharing many more with you all in the days/months/years to come!

I love it when I see After Action Reports on my scenarios because it means my hours of "hard work" in research, development and playtesting have been worth it and have brought fun to some strangers table. Please, if you ever choose to play one of my creations, leave an AAR with comments and constructive criticisms. Smile I really appreciate it!

Below are some of my favorite scenarios that I have created over the years. Check them out if you want! Smile

[Desert War] Tel el Eisa - probably the most fun/replayable scenario I have ever made, in my opinion.
[New Britain] Arawe
[Poland] Battle of Wizna
[Malaya] Ambush at Bakri
[Germany] The Battle of Lucherberg
[Okinawa] Hacksaw Ridge - (Original title - [Okinawa] The Maeda Escarpment, republished after the movie Hacksaw Ridge came out.
[Desert War] Battle of the Salient 1 & 2
[Greece] Pinios Gorge
[Philippines] Manila 1945
[New Guinea] Wau
[Battle of the Bulge] Champs and Hemroulle

God Bless and Happy Gaming,
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