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7 Oktober 2017: 4 Seasons Tournament @Best, Netherlands Sat, 12 August 2017 12:15
The Memoir'44 Brigade Netherlands hosts a one-day tournament.

The 4 season tournament.

Saturday 7 October 2017 9:00 PM 18:00

De Vlinderhei, Vlinderhei 16, 5685GZ, Best, Netherlands

What will we play?
We play four scenarios "through the seasons".

Evening Overlord program
If you choose to stick around after the tournament (and having gone out to eat diner) there will be an evening of playing Overlord.

What does it cost?
Because there will be no hand-outs, the scenarios are pre-printed from already played tournaments, this day costs only EUR 4, -.
If you want to join in and play Overlord in the evening, then there will be EUR 1, - extra charge.
To pay on the day itself.

The Rules can be found here: Reglement4seasonsToernooi.pdf

Sign up for the tournament by sending a mail to:

Mention in it:
First name:
Pseudo Days of Wonder: if you have it
Date of birth:
Cellphone number:
Whether you participate in the evening program: PlayingOverlord.

Up to 40 participants can register, after which you will be on a reserve list.

The scenarios we are going to play are:

Winter: M44th - Motti (Dutch Open 2016)
Https:// 60
Special rules: Commisar, Ski troops, Deep Frozen Rovers, Molotovs (Dutch Open Rules), Mortar, Sniper, Exit

Dinant-Houx (Belgium Open 2012)
Https:// 84
Special rules: Blitz, French Army, Exit

Summer: Gela Landing (Dutch Open 2017)
Https:// 94
Special Rules: Airpower 1d for both players, Italian Army Rules (but not High Command), Engineers, Mortar, Tankettes

Autumn: Fierce struggle at Bleialf (Belgium Open 2014)
This scenario is not online, but it plays with standard troops and rules.
Special rules: No Air Power due to the fog. The 5 hexen of Bleialf form a majority objection.

Because the scenarios are already known, you can practice it.
We will certainly do that on the next club evenings, August 26 and September 16.

See you the 7th of October! Smile

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Re:7 Oktober 2017: 4 Seasons Tournament @Best, Netherlands Mon, 16 October 2017 20:18
And we have played the 4 seasons tournament. In the Vlinderhei at Best the difference between number one and two was very small. The tie-breaker of the score of the opponents finally decided that Antoi was to be honored just before SFtredo who claimed the second place. Cpl_Uhl took the bronze.

After a successful tournament, half of the players fought for Stalingrad in the evening Overlord.

The result:

And some pictures:

click here for the pictures
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