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  Whims of the Sultan, a new expansion for Five Tribes Fri, 05 May 2017 16:47
The Sultanate of Naqala continues to flourish. This time of prosperity has attracted more competitors than grains of sand in the desert, so if you expect to remain on top, you’ll have to learn some new tricks… especially since the Sultan founded 5 new fabulous cities that everyone wants to control. I’ve also heard that the Sultan sometimes holds hearings in those cities, offering huge rewards to those who grant him his whims.

Will you be able to control the fabulous cities and fulfill the Sultan’s capricious wishes?

Whims of the Sultan contains all the components needed to play five-player games and introduces new Fabulous Cities tiles. Visiting these cities will give players opportunities to win glory as they fulfill excessive requests from the Sultan by completing Whim of the Sultan cards. Fierce competition is to be expected, as controlling these tiles can be a major contributor to a player’s final score.

This expansion contains 6 tiles, 15 wooden tribe meeples, 8 camels, 1 tent and 1 player’s turn marker, 22 Whim of the Sultan cards, 2 Djinn cards,1 bid order track and 1 turn order track for 5 player games, 1 pad of scoring sheets, and 1 summary sheet. It is expected to be available in June in Europe and at Gen Con Indy 2017 in August for North America, at a suggested retail price of €25/$30.

This expansion can be played with the base game alone or along with “The Artisans of Naqala” expansion.

For more information, please visit:
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February 2018
  Re:Whims of the Sultan, a new expansion for Five Tribes Mon, 12 February 2018 06:29
Bought it last year and played it a few times already. Not a great major expansion but a good second one! I think the Artisans one was SO-O good that it kind of overshadowed this one a bit. With having played both expansions and a bit concerned for the Five Tribes franchise, I would really like to see for The Days of Wonder to maybe make another one and possibly make it the last one. The game is already complex enough but it could still use one more as a finale. And, if they do consider one more, make it the best one too! One thing that is still missing is the Sultan's Palace. It is the only thing that is missing from a game play but yet the whole game premise seem to revolve around the Sultanate. It would be so cool to expand the board by another 6 tiles and possibly as a merged Sultan's Palace section that has six smaller tiles inside that could also be randomly set up as well or something related... Otherwise, really great job on making board games, we are real fans of number of them: Yamatai (the newest in our library), Small World, Five Tribes and Ticket To Ride (the oldest one). Thanks again, keep them coming!
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