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October 2018
Smuggler's Edge (5 Player Game) Mon, 29 October 2018 13:51
Was hoping for some clarification for a 5 player game when it comes to the Smuggler's Edge cards. In the game you only get 8 of each of the card types, (Ships, Warehouses, Syndicates) So, it's possible that one or more players might not be able to get all 2 of there items. IE (If 4 players all take there extra ships.. then the 5th player will be stuck with 3. Is this how it's meant to be played? There is no indication that there is a change of rules for the 5 player game. 2-4 player games would not be affected by this as there is more than enough cards in that case. I would have expected that if part of the game play was to required people to be quick about picking up these cards.. that for 2-4 player games we would have to remove some Smuggler's Edge Cards..

Thanks for your help

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