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January 2017
Not understanding Karma Fri, 20 January 2017 17:40
So I just starting playing TTR yesterday and it looks like I started out with about 30 Karma points. With most--but not all--games I played, at the end, it said I gained one Karma point. I have finished every game I started, and stayed until the points were tallied. I think there have been about four games that did not say anything about Karma points being added. When I stopped playing for the night, I had 43 Karma points. However, when I started again this morning, my Karma points had dropped back to 39. Why?

I can't find anything in the game rules that mentions Karma points, and don't really understand what they refer to, though it looks like you can't join certain games unless you have a certain number of Karma points. It doesn't seem fair, then, that Karma points are subtracted simply for not playing overnight.
Mandala Maharaja

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November 2015
Re:Not understanding Karma Wed, 25 January 2017 13:32
Were any games still in your Resume tab even after completing? If they don't properly close they eventually time out and you get docked karma.

There are a growing number of us affected by this bug.

According to the way it should work, karma shouldn't be lost for not playing.

Next time you don't see karma points awarded, see if you have a stuck game.
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January 2019
Re:Not understanding Karma Sun, 06 January 2019 16:59
I understand how karma works, but with the game being so buggy (games crashing, timing players out despite it not being their turn etc) it's impossible to assemble karma. You have to play five games that don't crash for every game that does which is pretty much impossible.
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