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February 2010
Production back to China? Tue, 19 February 2013 02:15
For Christmas, we got my mother TtR Europe and Heart of Africa.

Although I don't own Africa yet, I own all maps prior to this. All were made in Germany (I also have the original inferior Chinese-printed Switzerland).

However, the games bought for my mother were both made in China. You would hope that having left Chinese production after Switzerland, any return to China would be accompanied with better standards, but apparently not.

Some of Europe's train cards began to delaminate after only a handful of plays. One of the black train pieces is incomplete - while it manages to remain balanced on three wheels (so remains functional) it is certainly not good quality.

As for Africa, the board won't go flat.

Does anyone know if all of TtR's production has moved/is moving to China? Is there stock of Heart of Africa made in Germany? I want to buy Heart of Africa for myself (and of course, new board as they come out) - but I'm not willing to do so until I know it won't be inferior quality. Any way I can guarantee I'm getting the right product?

Also - Days of Wonder - any advice on how to replace my mothers inferior parts would be appreciated.
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December 2008
Re:Production back to China? Tue, 19 February 2013 03:46
Have you submitted a support request direct to DoW regarding the defective components?

When I received a M44 expansion that had a component missing I contacted DoW and they quickly shipped the missing component.

Personally I'd photograph the defective items and lodge a support request attaching the photo's in a zipped file.

I'm sure you'd get a favourable response from DoW.
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February 2010
Re:Production back to China? Tue, 19 February 2013 04:46
More interested in the first part than the second - unless Days of Wonder themselves want to respond to the second on the forums.

I am sure that I will get a favourable response too, in respect of replacing defective items, but I'd still rather buy the higher quality product in the first place on an ongoing basis.
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October 2019
Re:Production back to China? Tue, 15 October 2019 20:46
Hi, I just bought a ticket to ride Europe on Ebay-UK and when I received it on the post I found it was made in China. I have another version of ticket to ride before which was made in Germany (the junior version) and I was surprised to see this one made in China so my first thought was that was a counterfeit; Does anybody know if DoW made their ticket to ride Europe in China or if this is a counterfeit or If I just got sold in UK a game that was produced for Chinese market?

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