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October 2014
  Germany scoring messed? Sat, 14 December 2019 03:30
Hi Team,

sadly the German map seems to produce bugs over and over. I just had an online match in my beta 2.6.9 and the final scoring totally mismatched by what was shown in the overview at the end (that seemed to be true) and but by how it was calculated by DOW! In reality, I was second (147 points) but the system ranked me last (4th) with only 16 points! So I lost a hell of my ELO score. Very sad.
It was a 4 player game and one contestant was replaced by a bot during game. The points of the other contestants were wrongly ranked too when I had a look at „Games History” here. Up until this „final scoring/final ranking fail corresponding“, everything seemed to work out.

So, severe issue, please monitor it.

Device model: Sony Xperia XZ1
OS version: Android 9
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April 2018
Re:Germany scoring messed? Tue, 17 December 2019 14:39
Hi Januskopp !

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It has been very helpfull, and we find out a fix.

We are sending an update on the beta version this week.

We'll tell you once it is available. If you don't mind, we will be gratefull if you can confirm us that your issue is fixed with this update..

Thanks a lot !
-= Crew =-

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April 2018
Re:Germany scoring messed? Fri, 20 December 2019 12:32
Hi !

For your information, a new update is available on TestFlight, that is fixing the issue.

Please, note that this version fix local play, but allow you know to play with player on the same version of the app.

So, in case you want to play "local" with family and friends during winter holidays, i suggest all participants to run the beta version via testflight.

We are sorry for this, but we plan to quickly release it, so that anyone will be able to play "local" and online without issues.

Let me know if you have some question
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