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List of bugs and questions about the Splendor app Sun, 22 December 2019 14:50
I have sent you lots of bug reports and suggestions, but you do not seem to update the app any longer. I just found some more bugs, so I am writing you again. I hope you can forward this to the developers. Thanks!

1. The 2016 edition of the rules say “If there is not enough tokens available to take three of different colors, you may take two tokens (or even one).” In the challenges I sometimes got a message saying (Bug1.jpg) “You lost the game because there are only 1 or 2 piles of tokens, with less than 4 tokens each.” This is a bug in the app.
2. In Bug2.jpg, there are five green and one blue. I click on one green and one blue, but I am not offered to end my turn. This is a bug in the app.
3. Please add a turn counter! You have one in the VS matches and some of the other challenges, but please add it to all the matches. I use the app to test out strategies, and number of turns is important for me.
4. After an online match, I can click on “See details about the Prestige Points”. However, how can I get information about the number of turns?
5. In the VS challenges, it says that the starting cards are preset. That is not true, as Bug3a.jpg and Bug3b.jpg shows. One of them is taken after the other player did his first move, but it is still easy to see that the starting cards are different. The top row is the same, but the rest changes. The same goes for many of the other challenges.
6. Some of the challenges are incredibly hard. Some of them I have played repeatedly, without ever being close to winning them. I believe that they are only winnable with certain presets, and since the presets change when I reload the challenges, but not when I hit Try Again, I believe that I have been wasting my time trying unwinnable challenges repeatedly. The fact that you claim that the presets do not change, when they clearly do so, makes me somewhat skeptical of your challenges.
7. To be honest, I am not interested in your scoring system based on time. I wish you would just use turns, and then time simply as a tiebreaker.
8. I wish there could be a leaderboard for my own matches against the AI based on turns.
9. When I try to join/start an online match, I get a screen with two numbers at the top left. One is the number of players I am “connected” to, but what is the other number?
10. What is the bar with the vertical boxes on the left of the avatar in the VS challenges?
11. Sometimes I get a strange message at the end of VS challenges (Bug4.jpg). I think it is either when Charles reaches 20, or when we reach 25 rounds.
12. You have three lists of achievements. One inside the app, one that comes up when I click the GameCentre icon, and one when I log on to my Asmodee account. The one in the app does not include “Gold is Useless” or “Grand Master of Gold”. The one from the GameCentre does not include “Grand Master of Gold”. The one on the web does not include “Jacques Cartier”.
13. It took me a long time to figure out how to reserve a card that I could also buy. Maybe the tutorial could explain the difference between clicking and double-clicking.

Hope some of this is useful!
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Re:List of bugs and questions about the Splendor app Wed, 22 January 2020 17:46
Hi there,

Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you and thank you for your continued help finding bugs! It's a huge help to the development team.

You can actually contact the team directly by filling out this form:

This way the bug reports are logged automatically and the team can start to re-create the issues you're seeing.

Thanks again and play on!
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Re:List of bugs and questions about the Splendor app Wed, 12 February 2020 10:24
...I did many times over the last months - but no reaction! Sad
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