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December 2006
Lost app access to TTR Wed, 18 December 2019 04:48
I purchased the TTR app and TTR Europe.

I have had it for a LONG time. Just upgraded to an iPhone 11 and now I cannot access these. Also, the App Store does not recognize that I bought the app. What’s going on?

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December 2015
Re:Lost app access to TTR Thu, 09 April 2020 12:04
Did you ever get this sorted? I’m having the same problem. I tend to uninstall games I’m not using, then install again later. But I can’t find TtR on my list of purchased games

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July 2009
Re:Lost app access to TTR Mon, 13 April 2020 22:45
A long time ago there were three Ticket to Ride apps on iOS:
1 Ticket to Ride Pocket
2 Ticket to Ride Europe
3 Ticket to Ride for iPad

The first two were iPhone apps and the last one was an iPad app.

Still quite a while ago, Days of Wonder (or was it Asmodee?) made the iPad app work on iPhones and discontinued the first two apps. At the time there was a discount to move to the new app.

Could it be that you had Ticket to Ride Pocket to Ticket to Ride Europe? Unfortunately the discount is no longer available.

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