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November 2002
Beta update : 3.0.0-2132 is available for testing Thu, 04 June 2020 09:28
Hi everyone,

We have a new update for https://account.asmodee.net/betateststhe Beta test of Small World.

Change log:
- new tutorials in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
- bug fix: setting a password and then disabling the password now works as expected
- adds support for Italian
- face to face games are now different from pass-and-play games
- bug fix: fixes a crash on startup for Android

Note that the Italian is not complete yet. Translated texts are available for the descriptions of Races and Powers, but the images are still in English. They will be changed in the next update.

I believe we took care of most of the issues you reported in the previous versions of the Beta test. We are now working on legibility.

We would like to hear about the only games, so if you have the opportunity to play online with friends, that would be great!

You feedback is welcome!
Eric B.
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