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September 2013
bugreports for version 3.0.x Thu, 25 June 2020 15:01
hey there,

i had been excited to see the major version number bump of smallworld on iOS.

Just curious - is there any official feature list or changelog (a more detailled view than "works on iPhone now")?

Smallworld is one of the very special iOS apps for me, consider it a real companion since it was first released ten (?) years ago (running towards 2000 games and having joined the top 10-25 for some time Smile

It seems like the new release still contains a few bugs - I am wondering if others did notice this as well:

- when you try to create a new online game the "create" button seems to be frozen (workaround: kill the app and recreate your game)

- in an online game once all other players have joined their game starts but the game creator still sees the participants list (workaround: go back to the main menu and join your own game under "games in progress")

- the opponents name field during the game seems to be empty (workaround: go to player info to see with whom you are playing in this game)

- usability: when trying to pull your plates from the lower border into the game you are invoking the iOS app dock instead - this never happened before with older versions (workaround: be very focussed to touch your plates only from inside the playfield, never from the lower bottom)

- when playing with multiple opponents (online arena) the game runs for a few rounds and then the app crashes for one of the players removing the server game as well (workaround: go outside and take a walk Smile

It would be great to see if these bugs are tracked somewhere (or if I am the only one noticing it)

In any case - keep up the great work. Smallworld is a great pleasure to be played on a tablet (I am really loving board games but this is one of the few exception where the app is just so much more fun Smile

Sunny greetings
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September 2013
Re:bugreports for version 3.0.x Wed, 08 July 2020 18:56
a small world with a small update:

version 3.0.2 does not really seem to fix most of the mentioned issues.
in addition there had been several crashes and hang-ups during the last few days with the update:

- an online game starts with the opponent to select a race which he cannot (even chat feedback, that he is not able to choose a race). the game then runs out of time. restarting doesn't change anything.

- crashes still happen during the game, e.g. after the opponent to select the first race did time out. the game then kind of starts, but the dropped-in bot didn't make a first move and a few seconds later the app crashes

there had been a few more weird situations that i did not note down at that moment. overall the app is still way behind the stable and nearly bug-free 2.x app - what a pity...

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