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January 2021
Is my Ticket to Ride Europe game genuine? Thu, 14 January 2021 19:28
I recently purchased the Ticket to Ride Europe game over the internet. However the box feels a bit flimsy and also I don't have an access number on the back of the rules booklet.

Do you think my game is a genuine one or a copy?

It wasn't cheap so I just want to make sure how to tell.

Many thanks
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January 2021
Re:Is my Ticket to Ride Europe game genuine? Sat, 23 January 2021 14:19
In every single one of my many Days Of Wonder games (Smallworld plus I have every single version of Ticket to Ride and it's expansions), the production of everything is excellent.

The box is rigid, the board is rigid, the cards are clean cut and came cellophane wrapped.

Hard to understand that it is profitable making a fake copy of a game like this but who know these days?

If you can't get reassurance from the seller or can't reject it and send it back to the seller, then I would say play the game.

When you get hooked and buy your first Map Expansion or other set (and you should!) then you can compare the quality.

If this confirms that the original is a fake, do yourself and Days Of Wonder and the creator a service and buy an original.

No need to buy it at retail price - shop around as there are good deals with a fair price.

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