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CHEATING Wed, 05 August 2020 00:00
Hi everyone,

My name is Marc and few months ago, I started to play to TTR online.

ONLY 2 OR 3 MONTHS AFTER, I've accused of cheating, I've been IGNORED by players that I NEVER played with....for no reason.

I tried many things but nobody was here to listen me. It's difficult to prove something when ALL the good players ignore me.

I did nothing wrong and I would like that things change because there's nothing fair in that...

It's weird to play to a game and half the players don't like me without even knowing me....

Also, the REAL cheater is not me, there is plenty out there like SUGASUGA, who says that he is number 1. However, I beat him and he cheated...I have the screenshot...

Thanks for your understanding,
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December 2017
  Re:CHEATING Mon, 29 March 2021 01:19
I have played Toromacto several times and have not seen any type of cheating. Actually you are a pretty decent chap. Have not seen you on T2R for some time. Cheating is pretty rare and I have experienced it only twice in four years or so. Most players that claim cheating are complaining about blockers. Which is far from cheating. Cheating usually involves getting the game to glitch.
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