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  trnd Promo: anybody else disappointed by location restriction? Sun, 13 June 2021 08:42
Not being able to find a more appropriate place to post a complaint, about an e-mail promotion for TTR online, I received this week.
I thought I'd re-post the note I sent to "trnd", a promo partner of Asomee & DoW.

I don't know which I'm more pissed about, being restricted from being part of the online test group, or the fact I only became aware of the restriction after giving all my information, as required to register. If I'm restricted by location, why send me anything?

Below is a copy of my note to "trnd", forever to be know as turd, to me anyway.

To trnd
I'm very disappointed, that after almost completing the rego process & you now want my location, but don't an option for my country or area of the world ?

Why was this restriction to UK & USA not made visible in your promo??
Or the first question box in rego process ???

The Ticket To Ride Project you are promoting directly to my email, is all about the benefits, of playing the game on line. Which by its very nature removes borders, time zones & the need to be in the northern hemisphere.

I haven't come across this time wasting bullshit for so long, that I thought international companies hoping to do business had finally started to understand how the internet should work !
Sadly I was wrong! & it turns out some are stuck in 2004.

Since you now have all my details , please let me know when "trnd" makes it to 2021!

Jim. who from here will always think of "trnd" as turd

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